SAVE THE DATE: April 15th – 19th 2018

We are excited to host the pre-EuRegMe in Graz, in southern Austria. How are we going to “walk the talk”, you ask? First of all, our venue is not a fancy hotel, but rather a cozy student dorm where a group of motivated IFMSA members will be cooking for us.

Second of all, we have asked (well, challenged!) our facilitators to design their training sessions as sustainable as possible. This could mean anything, such as by reducing flipcharts by reusing them, using technology instead or getting crazy and surprising us with other sustainable options.

It was decided which workshops we will be offering, so definitely check them out.

The application period for participants is now open! Deadline to apply is the 05. February – 23:59 GMT.

Link to the application form

Europe in Action!

Facilitators: Dino Mehic (AMSA Austria), Khalid Al-Sadder (IFMSA-Jo), Miguel Castilla Moreno (AMSB Bulgaria)

IFMSA offers plenty of opportunities to engage with projects, advocacy and policy. Everyone can choose their field of interest from Exchanges to Human Rights and Peace, Public Health, Medical Education or Sexual and Reproductive Health. But, we are all working for the same goal and that’s what we want to acknowledge with this call to action.

Whether it’s a first meeting or a countless encounter, there are still lingering questions about what IFMSA is doing. With this workshop, we aim to ask those questions – why should medical students work on these areas and priorities? What’s our possible intervention? What’s the impact in the community?

From the least experienced of our members to the ‘goldie oldies’, we will all scream IFMSA. Any questions regarding this workshop? Feel free to contact me (Daniel Memarpour – at any time.

How to train the dragon

Facilitators: Adomas Danilevičius (LiMSA Lithuania), Sophia Tolle (bvmd Germany), Viktoryia Panfilovic (NaturKultur e.V./AEGEE)

Have you ever noticed a little dragon living inside you? The one, who carries you to the sky on the wings of joy or makes you hurt others with flames of fury and anger? Befriend and train it and nobody will do harm to you, be a positive example to your friends – and slowly you‘ll change the world…

There is a powerful set of skills called – Emotional Intelligence (EI) – which will help you get familiar with your dragon, its emotions, understand and manage its behaviour. Make it fight on your side, your ideas. And how about your fellows and their dragons? By raising your Emotional Intelligence you will also learn how the relationship works among the dragons. Not only that will create the peace in your surroundings but the teamwork effectiveness will increase significantly too.

Training dragons isn‘t easy but we suggest safe and supportive environment for your start. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and send me an e-mail at

Policy - the word to change the world

Facilitators: Charlotte O’Leary (AMSA Australia), Katja Cic (SloMSIC Slovenia), Marian Sedlak (TO), Pelle Haris Krog (IMCC Denmark)

The policy – the word to change the world is designed to increase participants’ understanding of governance and decision making processes in Europe and the role of young healthcare professionals in this field. Four interactive days will provide passionate policy enthusiasts with tools and skills to foster their critical thinking and understanding the complex and interdisciplinary approach towards policy formulation.

Participants will also receive skills to effectively communicate and present their advocacy message, to increase their chances to succeed in their follow up work. Participants with trainers will also create a special follow up strategy for national and local action, and will hopefully meet again in 6 months after the workshop (at the special physical follow up meeting) to debrief and discuss their best practices and success stories! In the end, not a big deal – just a tool to change the world! Any questions regarding this workshop? Feel free to contact me (Majko Sedlak – at any time.

Peace & Conflict Resolution Capacity Building Workshop

Facilitators: Daniela Kresse (AMSA Austria), Jessica Zhang (IFMSA Sweden), Juliette Mattijsen (IFMSA-NL), Natalia Sot (European Team)

Have you ever witnessed a situation of violence and conflict in healthcare setting? Have you ever wished to have the skills, abilities and the understanding of the issue to effectively mediate the problem and resolve the situation? Wish no more and apply for the Peace and Conflict Resolution Capacity Building Workshop! This workshop will provide participants with solid basic skills regarding peace and conflict resolution, with special focus on the health students and their role in it.

Participants will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes to allow them to improve the physical, mental and social health of their communities through peacebuilding and conflict resolving interventions. Participants with trainers will also create a special follow up strategy for national and local action, and will hopefully meet again in 6 months after the workshop (at the special physical follow up meeting) to debrief and discuss their best practices and success stories! Any questions regarding this workshop? Feel free to contact me (Natalia Sot – at any time.

sPRead it!

Facilitators: Andrej Filipic (EESTEC), Muhammad Rizky Nur Karim (RA CB Asia-Pacific), Robert Grünberger (GreenGood Productions) from 15.-23. April (230€)

Looking to all of our Local Committees and NMOs, it is clear to see that we work in many different fields and are interested in a vast variety of activities. We impact the world in many different ways, yet we often fail to share our results or to spread the knowledge to advertise our activities.

This workshop will not only be a preEuRegMe workshop, but will also run alongside both preEuRegMe and EuRegMe. During the preEuRegMe workshop, we will go through the basics, where we will be using non-formal educational styles to educate participants in the many facets of public relations, like publications, journalism, layout and design. We will then connect these topics to social media, hate speech and campaigning (including campaigning tools, like creating videos).

Later on, parallel to the EuRegMe, the workshop will dive into depth and have several different hands-on streams. Proposed streams would include: Newspaper & Press, TV/Social media. Participants will get the chance to directly apply everything they’ve learned from the previous part of the workshop. Any questions regarding this workshop? Feel free to contact me (Georg Schwarzl – at any time.

TACSE - Training on Advanced Comprehensive Sexual Education

Facilitators: Eva Weber (bvmd Germany), Lisa Schulte (AMSA Austria), Pietro Simone Filitto (Italy)

“How can I support adolescents more in acquiring a healthy sexual life, in fighting for their sexual rights, in being confident with their choices and in having safe sexual experiences?” If these are the questions accompanying you day by day, you must be a passionate peer educator.

This workshop is built for you! TACSE (“Training on Advanced Comprehensive Sexuality Education”) will help you as an experienced deliverer of CSE to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the your CSE project. The workshop will focus on reflecting with you on your motivation and values for delivering CSE, on how to build a good environment in class, how to apply a sex-positive approach in sexual education, how to develop capacity-appropriate methods and how to handle different audiences. We can’t wait for your experience and your ideas to be shared and we’re excited to develop strategies together that you can take home. Any questions regarding this workshop? Feel free to contact us (Frederike Booke & Sohayla Bendaoud – at any time.

Young Advocates in the Global Health Workforce

Facilitators: Catarina Pais Rodrigues (European Team), Katerina Dima (TO), Matteo Cavagnacchi (SISM Italy), Paulina Birula (IFMSA-Poland), Tessa Noijons (IFMSA-NL)

Dear global health advocate/ enthusiastic young leader/ medical student, in 2017, we are working to achieve Universal Health Coverage, to fight HIV and grant access to Medicines. We acknowledge the importance of diversity and multiculturalism and we’re fighting for gender equity. Currently, this is our focus, but all these challenges cannot be overcome without considering the people who will be leading those changes. Health for all cannot be achieved without a good health workforce.

This workshop aims to pick your brain and startle the debate on every issue surrounding health workforce from a community based education to Social Accountability, from talking about Health Systems resilience to the policies in place. And by the end have an action plan built based on how to move forward and advocate for this issue and what is the role of youth in this matters. Any questions regarding this workshop? Feel free to contact me (Catarina Pais Rodrigues – at any time.

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