Steinschaler Dörfl – Our Very Own EuRegMe Village

With choosing this venue we do not only guarantee a sustainable and green meeting, but also a lifetime experience for all our participants.

Welcome to our very own EuRegMe Village nestledin beautiful Austrian nature!

Our venue, the “Steinschaler Dörfl“, has received several different awards and certificates, ranging from “European Destination of Excellence“ and “Austrian Ecolabel“ to the “Green Toque“, which recognises the healthy and sustainable meals served there.

Their expertise with such events has a long history – history we will continue with this European Regional Meeting!

Being the only guests during the event enables us to use all facilities and rooms.

The facility has more than 100 rooms, which combine traditional wooden interior with modern philosophy, ensuring all participants a comfortable und unforgetable experience.

Lunch Rooms

Every Meeting needs itsattendances to be fully satisfied food-wise- here those needs will be met

One of the venues biggest advantages is its diverse menu. With a focus on regional products and their own grown herbs, they also offer a big diversity of vegetarian and vegan food.

Session Rooms

With 9 workshop rooms ranging from 57m² to 297m²

and additional outside squares that can be used for workshops, we have a big variety of spaces that can be used for parallel sessions.

We furthermore are able to guarantee additional working rooms for the Euroteam and Sessionsteam including their own internet access to ensure efficient working and preparation environments.


After an exhausting day, Steinschaler Dörfl also allows you to relax in their 800m² wide wellness and sauna area.

Because to achieve true greatness, we all must have to recharge our batteries sometimes.

Location Map

Naturhotel Steinschaler Dörfl
Taschlgrabenrotte 2
3213 Frankenfels


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