EuRegMe - European Regional Meeting: setting new standards for IFMSA Meetings #walkthetalk

Dates: April 19th – 23rd 2018
Early fee: 130€
Late fee: 190€

Be a part of this awesome event! No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced member – EuRegMe has a lot to offer for erverybody!

Over 40 National Member Organisations (NMOs) and 300.000 individual members form the European Region within the IFMSA.
Once per year delegations of all NMOS meet to discuss, develop and share Ideas, projects, solutions and build new networks for more impact within the region.

More Details

The aim of the EuRegMe is to meet and work as a region for IFMSA and regional goals and NMOs common objectives, as well as to promote NMOs engagement in IFMSA.
What does that mean in detail?

The EuRegMe will help us
• to strengthen the Region by enabling NMOs and individual members to share their resources, successes and health issues faced by their countries;
• to encourage knowledge sharing amongst delegates, and to encourage cooperation between NMOs for the ultimate benefit of society;
• to discuss and propose solutions to the common problems faced by NMOs on the national and local levels;
• to provide a forum for medical students of Europe to discuss topics related to education, sciences and health issues, such as human rights, reproductive health, public health and global health.

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